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Coronavirus Protocol

Team Safety:

• All team members will be required to be tested and tracked before coming to work.

• Public transportation to/from work is strongly discouraged.

• Daily, mandatory temperature checks using a contactless thermometer upon arrival at work. Anyone with a fever or other symptoms is sent home immediately.

• Hand washing upon arrival at work and every 30 minutes thereafter.

• Upon arrival, outwear must be removed and stored in the personal items area for the duration of shift.

• Proper disposable masks and gloves available and mandatory for all.

• Change gloves when switching tasks, handling different foods, or after touching objects that should be considered contaminated (cell phone, computer, clothes, door handles, etc.) If the integrity of a glove is compromised (e.g. ripped, punctured) change gloves immediately - wash hands per proper protocols.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands or used gloves.

• Practice ‘no-contact’ transfers: place items down on a counter for the next person to pick up, rather than passing back and forth.

• No physical contact (handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, etc).

• Discourage staff from traveling; if they do they will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon return if traveling to a high-risk state.

Cleaning/Sanitizing Equipment & Workstations:

• Make sure sanitizing products meet EPA criteria for use against COVID-19.

• Set up sanitizer wipes and buckets with towels at all workstations.

• Sanitize all workstations and equipment at the start and end of the shift, and between tasks

• Sanitize all shared surfaces every 30 minutes

• External agency deep cleaning every 14 days.

• Sanitize surfaces after contact with contaminated items (cell phones, computers, clothes, etc.).

• Frequently sanitize high-touch objects (door handles, faucets, knobs, trash can lids, cell phones, computers, etc.).

• Boxes, containers, or any packaging being used to transport food or equipment must be sanitized before leaving and when returned to the kitchen/storage sites

• Hand sanitizer and wipes to be made available everywhere

• Designate trash cans specifically for PPE - always keep the lid securely sealed.

• Dispose of gloves and hairnet in designated trash cans before leaving the worksite.

• Change masks if they become soiled or wet.

• Empty PPE trash cans frequently - always wearing gloves that are then disposed of.

• Keep all personal items in the designated areas to prevent contamination of workspaces.

• Provide sanitizing wipes to wipe down personal items (cell phones, computers, etc.).

• Reusable bottles/cups must stay in the personal items area.

• Post signs around worksites to remind people of health and safety procedures.

Deliveries to the business: (For our Vendors)

• All deliveries are curbside drop off, no entry into restaurant allowed.

• Vendors must wear accepted PPE when dropping off deliveries. 

Casa Ora deliveries from the business: 

• Delivery vehicles must be sanitized before and after each delivery door handles, steering wheel, control panel, gear shift, seat belts, etc.

• Gloves must be worn at all times and changed between deliveries.

• Practice ‘no-contact’ transfers ( avoid going inside buildings).

• Have receiving contact meet outside and practice no-contact transfers.

Guests in the Dining Room:

• Guests will be required to have a temperature check and no one with a temp of 100.4 or over may be admitted and seeking medical advice will be recommended.

• Provide guests with a hygienic method to store their masks during their meal.

• Provide wipes or sanitizer on every table.

Dining Rooms & Restrooms:

• Tables will be spaced 6 feet apart

• Credit card transactions only, with the customer always handling card

• Sanitizing of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes

• All doors modified to be hands-free and have sanitizing wipes adjacent

• Hand sanitizer and wipes to be made available everywhere

• External agency deep cleaning every 14 days

• Where possible convert sinks to the foot pump

• No self-service water or condiment stations

• Prop open frequently used (internal) doors if space allows

• Set up hand-washing/sanitizing stations at all entrances/exits/high-traffic areas

We look forward to welcoming you back to our restaurants. We’ve missed you and we appreciate your support, it kept us motivated to get back up and running. We will continue to get through this together.